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We provide a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services like long or short term residential care, doctor consultation, physiotherapy, stroke rehabilitation, day care, home care, wound care management.

The Home has facilities and equipment to provide good, clean and comfortable environment for our residents.

Our professional and dedicated staff comprising doctors, Physiotherapists, Registered Nurses and Nursing Aides are constantly being supervised by qualified and well-experienced Home Managers. Together, they are responsible for the total well-being of our residents at the centre.

Do pay us a visit. Our Administrator will be there to answer all your enquiries.

Nursing Home Service

Established since 1985, Serene Nursing Home Pte Ltd has been expanding steadily to meet the demands of the community.

To date, we have two Homes that are strategically located in the eastern and central parts of Singapore.

All homes offer 24 hours long term residential care and respite care.

The nursing care are provided by a team of professional nurses.

Our physiotherapist plan specific programmes for individuals.

You can easily call our Head Office or any of our Nursing Home for enquiry and best of all, you are most welcome to visit our homes anytime and we will be there to assist you.

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Respite Care Service

In addition to the long-term care offered by the Home, scheduled respite care is available on a short-term basis.   Respite Care is a short-term care service which aims to provide temporary relief for family caregivers to have a break from looking after their loved ones at home. The service is ideal for families who need to find temporary nursing care and lodging for their loved ones with medical conditions.  It is also ideal for those who have plans to go overseas for vacation or business trip and also for those who simply want some free time to fulfill their own commitments or to enjoy some leisure activities.

The family caregivers can choose to admit their loved ones into any of our Nursing Homes for a pre-determined duration. Our nursing staff will take over the overall care of your loved ones until the caregivers are ready to bring them home.

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Day Care Service

Day Care Service is available for elderly people who do not have a full time caregiver at home. The elderly can be brought to our Nursing Homes during the day whilst the family members can go to work or attend to their commitments without having to worry for their loved ones. In the evening, the family member can come and fetch their loved ones home.

Our Day Care Service includes but not limited to the following:

  • Providing assistance with the activities of daily living like bathing, eating, toileting

  • Providing 5 meals a day

  • Providing rehabilitation services by our experienced Physiotherapist (Optional)

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Short-term and Long-term Rehabiliatation

Recovering from a stroke or a fracture, a resident will need specialized short-term care focused on the restoration of functionality, coupled with nursing care.

Long-term rehabilitation is for residents who have a functional impairment, chronic disease or dementia. A combination of therapies is prescribed to raise their level of comfort, or even prevent further deterioration of their condition. These may include restorative physiotherapy, and a rehabilitative nursing programme.

The full-time physiotherapists are on-site at Irene Nursing Home.

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Care Givers Training

At Irene Nursing, we conduct training programmes to train caregivers with the necessary skills enabling them to continue providing nursing care at home. We have a range of training modules available tailored to the learning needs of each individual caregiver to deliver appropriate care.

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