Long-term Rehabilitation

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Recovering from a stroke or a fracture, a resident will need specialized short-term care focused on the restoration of functionality, coupled with nursing care.

Long-term rehabilitation is for residents who have a functional impairment, chronic disease or dementia. A combination of therapies is prescribed to raise their level of comfort, or even prevent further deterioration of their condition. These may include restorative physiotherapy, and a rehabilitative nursing program.

The physiotherapists are on-site full-time at Irene Nursing Home which comes equipped with a Physio Room.

Our Service

  • We provide island-wide services to patients, regardless of race and religion

  • Oxygen therapy

  • Dietician controlled meals

  • Our doctors will visit you regularly to:

    • Provide comprehensive medical care for the residents.

    • Medical examination on admission.

    • Follow up at weekly intervals.

    • Ad hoc consultation.

    • Regular review and prescription of medications for all residents.

    • Identification of risk factors & formulation of appropriate treatment plans.

    • Liaison with the respective medical specialists when residents are hospitalized.

    • Ordering of necessary lab & other investigations.

    • Review & manage chronic medical conditions,

      • e.g. stroke, head injury, spinal injury, terminal illness.

  • Our nurses are able to provide nursing care such as:

    • 24-hour nursing services

    • Physiotherapy services

    • Post-surgical management

    • Wound management

    • Change & maintenance of catheters or other tubing

    • Stoma care/Colostomy Care

    • Monitoring of general health

    • Monitoring of vital signs (Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate etc), Blood Sugar etc.

    • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living - Feeding, Bathing, Toileting, Dressing, Transferring and Mobility.

    • Supervision of oral medication.

    • Administration of intramuscular injections.

    • Insertion of nasogastric tube.

    • Ryle's tube feeding.

    • Change of urinary catheter.

    • Oxygen Therapy

Our Facilities

  • Nurse call system at every bed and in the bathroom

  • Choice of four-bedded room or general ward

  • Physiotherapy room available

  • Social and recreational interaction

  1. Some of the above services may incurred a separate charge and will be billed separately from the published Ward Charges.

  2. Consumable, like diaper, catheters, tubing, blood sugar test, oxygen therapy etc will incurred separate charge and will be billed together with the published Ward Charges.

  3. All services and supplies not covered under our Nursing & Ward charges will incurred separate charge and will be billed together with the published Ward Charges.

  4. Monthly/Weekly Ward Fees & estimated recurring consumable charges will be advised upon application

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