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We provide a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services like long or short term residential care, respite care, doctor consultation, physiotherapy, stroke rehabilitation, day care, home care, wound care management.

Respite Care

Respite Care is a short-term care service which aims to provide temporary relief for family caregivers to have a break from looking after their loved ones at home. This is ideal <.....more>

Long Term Rehabilitation Nursing Care

Recovering from a stroke or a fracture, a resident will need specialized short-term care focused on the restoration of functionality, coupled with nursing care.

Long-term rehabilitation is for residents who have a functional impairment, chronic disease or dementia. A combination of therapies is <.....more>

Day Care Nursing Service

Day Care Service is available for elderly people who do not have a full time caregiver at home. The elderly can be brought to our Nursing Homes <.....more>

Caregivers Training

At Irene Nursing, we conduct training program to train caregivers with the necessary skills enabling them to continue providing nursing care at home. <.....more>

Standard Nursing Care

Long Term Nursing Care is a long-term care service which aims to provide relief for family caregivers.  This is ideal for those <.....more>

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Type of Fees


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