Low Fiber Diet

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Low Residue (Low Fiber Diet)

The low residue (fiber) diet is designed to avoid irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and to decrease bowel movements.

It is used for people that are experiencing periods of diarrhea and abdominal cramping.

It is used after acute phases of ulcerative colitis or regional enteritis.

The low residue diet may be also be used for a short period of time for people with partial intestinal obstruction, rectal bleeding, stenosis of the esophageal or intestinal lumen, acute stages of diverticulitis, hemorrhoidectomy, post-op treatment of large bowel surgery, and during radium implant treatment for uterine and cervical cancer and acute exacerbation of Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

 This diet may also be used postoperatively in the progression of a regular diet.


  • Buy breads and cereals made from refined wheat and rice. Avoid whole-grain products with added bran

  • Remove skin from vegetables and fruits before cooking

  • Marinate meats in juice or wine for added flavor

  • Season with spices and herbs for added flavor and variety

  • Avoid any food made with seeds, nuts, and raw or dried fruit

  • Follow this diet on a temporary basis only. Once your symptoms disappear, gradually introduce foods back into your diet once your symptoms disappear

  • Limit milk and milk products to 2 cups daily

  • Dietary fiber is reduced by using pureed or tender cooked vegetables, ripe, canned or cooked fruits without skin or seeds, and well-cooked tender meats



BREADS & GRAINS 6-11 servings each day

Refined breads, toast, rolls, biscuits, muffins, crackers, pancakes, and waffles

Enriched white or light rye bread or rolls

Saltines, Melba Toast, Rusk crackers, Zwieback

Refined ready-to-eat cereals such as puffed rice and puffed wheat

Cooked refined wheat, corn or rice cereal

Strained oatmeal, grits and farina

Refined cold cereals made from corn, rice or oats (Rice Krispies, Cornflakes, Cheerios, puffed rice and puffed wheat)

White rice and refined pasta

Macaroni, noodles, white rice

Any bread product made with whole-grain flour or graham flour, bran, seeds, nuts, coconut, or raw or dried fruit, cornbread, and graham crackers

Any whole-grain, bran, or granola cereal, oatmeal, any cereal with seeds, nuts, coconut or dried fruit

Bran, barley, brown and wild rice

VEGETABLES 3-5 servings each day

Most tender cooked and canned vegetables without seeds such as carrots, asparagus tips, beets, green or wax beans, pumpkin, spinach, squash (acorn) without seeds, potato (no skin), pureed or cooked strained lima beans, peas (no skin), potato without skin; lettuce if tolerated

Strained vegetable juice

Raw vegetables and vegetables with seeds, sauerkraut, winter squash, and peas

FRUIT 2-4 servings each day

Most canned or cooked fruits, fruit cocktail, avocado, canned applesauce, apricots, Royal Anne cherries, peaches, pears, (all without skin and seeds), pureed plums and ripe bananas and avocados

Strained fruit juice

Raw or dried fruit, all berries

Prune juice

MILK & DAIRY 2-3 servings each day

Milk, mild cheese, cottage cheese (as tolerated)

Yogurt (no berries)

Highly flavored cheeses

MEAT & MEAT SUBSTITUTES 2-3 servings or total of 6 oz daily

Ground or well-cooked, tender beef, lamb, ham, veal, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, and organ meats


Smooth peanut butter

Tough fibrous meats with marinate meats in juice or gristle, shellfish with tough connective


Meat prepared with whole-grain ingredients, seeds, or nuts

Fried meats and eggs

Dry beans, legumes, peas, and lentils

Chunky peanut butter

Raw clams and oysters

FATS & SNACKS (use sparingly)

Margarine, butter, vegetable oils, lard, mayonnaise, cream substitutes, crisp bacon, plain gravies, and salad dressing

Bouillon, broth, or strained cream soups (no corn) made with allowed ingredients

Plain cakes and cookies, pie made without nuts and fruit (allowed fruits only)

Plain sherbet, sorbet, pudding, fruit ice, gelatin, tapioca, angel food or sponge cake, custard, frozen fruit pops, jelly, plain hard candy, marshmallows, frozen yogurt, and ice cream

Any made with whole-grain flour, bran, seeds, nuts, coconut, or dried fruit

Nuts, seeds, and popcorn

Pastries, pies, potato chips

Pepper, chili pepper and other hot sauces.

Chocolate, raisins, seeds, seed spices, pickles, olives, nuts, mustard, spicy mustard and catsup, relish, horseradish, vinegar, rich gravies

Highly spiced salad dressings

Jam or marmalade with nuts and seeds


Salt, soy sauce, catsup

Mild spices in moderation, white sauce

Sugar, honey, jelly, syrup

Lemon juice, vinegar, vanilla and other flavoring extracts

Decaffeinated coffee, herb tea, caffeine-free carbonated beverages, fruit drink

Beverages containing caffeine should be used sparingly as caffeine is a stomach irritant)

The above opinionated views and information serves to educated and informed consumer. The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. It should not replaced professional advise and consultation. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions

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