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Distilled Water, Detoxification and Your Health

Water is the primary essential nutrient. Remember that the essential nutrients are those that your body needs to survive but cannot make on its own.

Over 75% of your body is made up of water and this must constantly be replaced. Water is in every cell and involved in every function of the body. Going back to basic physiology, the condition of your body's internal environment, which is the fluid surrounding each of your cells, is what determines your state of health or disease. This fluid is mostly water and must be kept free of toxic waste.

If this fluid dries up or becomes poisoned, your health is in serious danger. Therefore, your body must get sufficient water and that water must be pure because the quality and amount of the water in your body is primarily responsible for your state of health or disease.

Where do you get your water?

If you are eating raw plant food, a large portion of your daily water requirement will be met by your food intake. Remember that plant food is 80% water, which means that in order for fruits and vegetables to be healthful, the water in your plant food must be free of pesticides and toxins. This is the major consideration in buying certified organic produce.

We must also drink water because most of us cannot get all the water we need from our food supply.

Granted, water rich plant food is over 80% water but with exercise, heat, etc., more water is lost than can be replaced with food, unless you ate more food than needed, and then you may have the problem of excess fat.

Physiology shows us that when the body absorbs excess nutrients, e.g. protein, fat or carbohydrates, they are generally stored as fat. So eating more food to try to satisfy your daily water requirement is not a good idea.

You must drink water.

The water that you drink must be pure or else you are doing more harm than good by flooding your body with toxic chemicals.

Tap water, which usually contains chlorine, radon, arsenic and other toxic chemicals, is not healthful.

Filtered water, mineral water and spring water still contain some chemicals. In fact, some bottled water is even worse than local tap water. The minerals in mineral water are not organic and not used by the body, energy must be used to excrete the minerals, and they can be unbalancing and harmful.

Pure water is distilled, and only a vapor compression distillation process will purify your water and make it healthy to drink. Another benefit of distilled water is that it transports out of the body inorganic minerals that would be rejected by the cells and tissues, adding to the purification of your internal environment.

Let's look at natural distillation. The earth is constantly recycling its water. Water is vaporized from the bodies of water on the earth and drawn up to the clouds where it condenses and drops as rain or snow. The water from the clouds is pure distilled water, but collecting rainwater is not always practical, plus most of our atmosphere is so polluted that the water becomes contaminated before the rain hits the earth.

The solution is to make or purchase distilled water. If you must get bottled distilled water, check out the plastic container - it must be hard plastic with no toxic plasticizers, or order your water in glass bottles.

Remember, this water is going into your body as its primary nutrient and will make a major difference in the state of your health.

Should minerals be added to distilled water for taste?

Adding minerals to water gives us unbalanced nutrition, inorganic minerals which are toxic to and unusable by the body, and this corrupts the pure, “slippery” property of the distilled water.

Pure distilled water has an ultra-low viscosity which means that it is able to slip through tight spaces easily, whereas water with minerals and other impurities is less viscous, or “sticky,” and will not move through the body as easily.

Distilled water is tasteless. That is a good thing! When our body harbors toxins, we typically have an unpleasant taste in our mouths. After we have cleaned out and adopted a healthful eating program, our bodily fluids will become clean, even sweet, and the taste in our mouth will be pleasant or unnoticeable - that is a wonderful sign of good health!

The drinking of tasteless distilled water during and after our detoxification phase typically has a pleasant freshening effect upon our senses and energy. Living in a body with purified fluids and no debris is a blessed, even ecstatic, experience.

Distilled water had been called “dead” water. What does this mean?

Distilled water is pure H2O, which is perfect for rehydrating and assisting the body in detoxification, because distilled water has no impurities and has an ultra-low viscosity which most efficiently dissolves soluble toxins and transports most toxins out of our cells, tissues and lymph channels for elimination. Heat-distilled water molecules are not damaged and the water is not in any way harmful.

We obviously obtain pure, healthful water from raw fruits and vegetables. Some say that the water in sun-ripened fruits and waters is “activated,” “structured” or “live.” It has been shown that the sun imbues the water molecules in sun-ripened fruits and vegetables with a special energy or structure.

The superb life-force-enhancing effects of sun-charged living juices taken in whole-food form or juiced form are well-documented. However, adding distilled water to our diet, or fasting on distilled water will not pose any health problems.

Does Distilled Water Leach Minerals From Our Bodies?

Absolutely, not...in fact just the opposite has been found to occur in cellular research studies. It is a mistaken belief that drinking pure distilled water reduces valuable minerals from living human tissues.

If, in this case, "leaching" implies that the distilled water acts against the body's best interests in removing useful minerals from our cells, this assumption is incorrect.

Water in its pure distilled form is only good; it is inert and cannot act on the body.

Distilled water can never force out essential body elements. By virtue of its ultra low viscosity, distilled water efficiently transports wastes and stores of toxins, including harmful inorganic minerals, out of the cells, tissues and bones, for elimination via sweat, respiration, urination, etc.

So, when we drink only distilled water, we are assisting our body's ability to eliminate toxins.

When people make dietary improvements, such as reducing the proportion of cooked, acid-forming foods, while increasing the quantity of whole, raw, alkalizing, foods, their bodies begin health-improvement actions, including the elimination of toxins, in the process of establishing healthy alkaline balance.

Acid wastes are dumped into the bloodstream and lymph, and then sent to the liver and kidneys for processing and elimination.

The body must keep the blood pH at a uniform 7.4. If there is a slight shift toward the acid end, the body will buffer the blood acidity to maintain homeostasis.

The blood itself has many buffers to help maintain the normal electrolyte balance. If necessary, the body will take alkaline minerals out of the bones to buffer the acids, but only under extraordinary conditions when the blood buffers are not adequate.

Organic Minerals vs Inorganic Minerals

  • There are two types of minerals, organic and inorganic. Human physiology has a biological affinity for organic minerals. Most organic minerals for our body functions come from dietary plant foods.

  • A growing plant converts the inorganic minerals from the soils to a useful organic mineral.

  • When an organic mineral (from a plant food) enters the stomach it must attach itself to a specific protein-molecule (chelation) in order to be absorbed, then it gains access to the tissue sites where it is needed.

  • Once a plant mineral is divested within the body, it is utilized as a coenzyme for composing body fluids, forming blood and bone cells, and the maintaining of healthy nerve transmission. (Balch & Balch 1990)

  • Without a healthy organic mineral balance inside and outside the cells of muscle, blood, and bone substructures, the body will began to spasm, twitch and cramp, eventually deteriorating to a full "rigor complex", and/or complete failure.

Inorganic Minerals From Tap Water Are "BAD NEWS".

  • Tap water presents a variety of inorganic minerals which our body has difficulty absorbing. Their presence is suspect in a wide array of degenerative diseases, such as hardening of the arteries, arthritis, kidney stones, gall stones, glaucoma, cataracts, hearing loss, emphysema, diabetes, and obesity.

  • What minerals are available, especially in "hard" tap water, are poorly absorbed, or rejected by cellular tissue sites, and, if not evacuated, their presence may cause arterial obstruction, and internal damage. (Dennison 1993, Muehling 1994, Banik 1989)

Organic Minerals Are Preferred

  • Is it any wonder why the body prefers the richest source of mineral substrates from organic foods instead of the mineral-poor sources from tap water?

  • Even if the human tissue suddenly developed the ability to absorb inorganic minerals from tap water, it would take an enormous amount of tap water to supply the bare minimal mineral quantities for human life functions.

  • If( for example) the rich inorganic mineral content of the tap water in Reno, Nevada were modified so that it would convert the daily Calcium requirement (RDA) from its inorganic calcium solutes, one would have to drink 7.4 gallons of their tap water!

How Distilled Water Enhances Mineral Absorption Rates

  • Distilled Pure Water will not conduct electricity when only 2 parts inorganic minerals or less are present. Water with 5 parts inorganic content per million parts water (or more) will conduct electricity, completing a simple circuit and lighting a tester bulb!

  • The higher the inorganic content is in a per million count, the less effectively water transmits organic minerals to tissue sites.

  • Bottled water, tap water, reverse-osmosis filtered water, and carbon-block filtered water (when tested) will conduct electricity, substantiating that each one is not the best carrier for the mineral-transport and mineral-absorption( Muehling 1994).

  • Does drinking distilled water leach the minerals from the body? No, quite the opposite...if inorganic minerals are "removed" from tap water, by converting it into pure distilled water, the result is remarkable biological mineral absorption for both health and maximal metabolic activity.

  • The application of this query has a remarkably high correlation to the general properties of maximal absorption rates, for all micronutrients which traverse the gastric chambers directly into the muscle cells for premium performance demand

An elimination crisis need not be drastic and harmful, and even intense and uncomfortable cleansing is not to be feared. These elimination crises are always orthopathic, i.e., right and necessary. They can be gentle and 100 percent health-building if one secures extra rest during this time.

The drinking of enough distilled water when thirsty (not in excess), will allow the crisis to continue, as it should, resulting in a steady improvement in health.

If a person adheres to a good diet with no grossly acid-forming foods, as part of an overall healthful, low-stress lifestyle regimen, he or she will arrive at a condition excellent health after the old acid wastes are eliminated.

Drinking distilled water will not cause harm, but rather, will help keep one internally clean and operating at optimum efficiency.

If one regularly drinks distilled water and cleans up his or her diet say only 75 to 90 percent, while still indulging in 25 to 10 percent of the grossly acidifying cooked foods (e.g., meat, dairy, cereals, breads, cakes, candies, pasta, rice, tofu, soy milk, beans, etc.), he or she will never get beyond the acid-poisoning phase, thus, the body will always be exerting itself to eliminate acid wastes, resulting in sub-par health.  Thus, it is dietary and lifestyle stress, not distilled water, which is to blame for the loss of any useful minerals.

The above opinionated views and information serves to educated and informed consumer .  The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. .It should not replaced professional advise and consultation.  A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions 

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